Sunday, June 7, 2009

Your Health is Your True Wealth

There's lots of talk about the global economy, and people are concerned about their monetary wealth. But, there's a source of prosperity we often take for granted when all is well. Have you considered your Health Fund lately? How's your Physical health fund's return? Is your Spiritual health fund paying a rich dividend? Is your Emotional Health an asset or a liability?

What's the cost of a bad back, a lowered immune system, or chronic headaches? How does poor emotional or physical health impact our jobs, our productivity, or our relationships? Making deposits to our Health accounts is vital. Next to our time, our health is our greatest gift. Just ask someone who is wrestling with a health challenge. I operate from the philosophy that "it's easier to stay well than to get well" and work to make deposits into my own health account regularly.

Some of my favorite Health Investments Include:

  1. Daily prayer and meditation time
  2. Energy exercises
  3. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast
  4. Completing a purification/detoxification program twice per year
  5. Sufficient restorative sleep
  6. A great support system
  7. Keeping the body free of nervous interference through regular Chiropractic Care
  8. Exercise-Exercise-Exercise
  9. Staying hydrated-lots of good water
  10. Working with a good therapist or coach as needed

Is Your Health Portfolio Well Funded? ...What's one Action You Know You Could Take Today to Improve Your Health Even More?

Dr. Mitch Ergas, DC is a Chiropractor, Nutritional Consultant and Energy Healer with offices in Smyrna and Marietta, Georgia. He brings compassion, intuition and thoroughness to the care he gives his patients. Dr. Ergas also conducts powerful, life-changing personal development seminars including the upcoming, CREATE PROSPERITY NOW event in Atlanta, GA. He is the co-author of Hypergrowth: How to Catapult the Growth of any Small Business using the Proven M5 Method due out this Fall. You can follow Dr. Mitch Ergas on Facebook for daily messages of inspiration.